Infant & Toddler Consultant

Lindsey Miske Wood



  • Education

    • ​B.A. in Developmental Psychology and Education

    • M.A. in Early Childhood Education with a focus in Infant & toddler Mental Health

    • Trained in Behavior Intervention & Redirection

    • Trained in Nonviolent Communication & Positive Parenting

  • Experience

    • ​6 years as a Lead Infant and Toddler Teacher

    • 2 years as a caregiver for individuals with special needs

  • Perspective

    • My practice is always family and mental health centered. I work to support the whole child, not just one area of development even if one area is the focus. My approaches are child-centered and support the most important aspect of infant and toddler mental health, the caregiver-child attachment.